The Future Is Intelligent

The roll out of automation and artificial intelligence is having a profound impact upon job roles and responsibilities in the mining industry.

New tech experienced professionals, many without a background in mining, need to be hired, and existing workers need to transition to roles that will get the most out of the tools.

Edumine and Careermine, global mining talent recruitment and development solution providers, are leading the dialogue around this major organizational change and have created a series of whitepapers on how leaders are getting their organizations to embrace technology and its impact on people:

Digital transformation is happening now as the industry works to drive productivity and profitability. Mining leaders are not only transitioning their staff to new roles, but they are also actively hiring new talent, such as software developers and data scientists. At the industry hiring site Careermine, there are six new postings for data scientists and over 70 postings for automation development, all posted in the past month.

“We are seeing a marked increase in jobs that require some artificial intelligence or automation-specific skills,” says Johann Robertson, division leader at Careermine. Robertson noted some recent examples: Rio Tinto is looking for a remote operations controller, Caterpillar would like to hire an automation engineer, and ERM needs data scientists.

To onboard younger professionals who may not be familiar with the mining industry or develop current staff, companies like Rio Tinto, Newmont, and Kinross have set up online campuses through Edumine, a professional training provider. Courses range from beginner subjects like Mining 101 to advanced topics such as tailings management.

The future is intelligent. Learn how to lead your organization and create a digital transformation.

Fonte: Edumine